4 NeoCon Trends of 2014

Patricia Urquiola with "Open Nest" for Haworth at NeoCon 2014

We are packing up the Dreamwalls booth this morning and coming home to NC after a wonderful NeoCon Show. This is our 5th year exhibiting, and I think it might have been the most well-attended show thus far. We spoke with so many designers that understood what glass could do generally, and were … [Read more...]

NeoCon Booth 2014


What a great show we are having at NeoCon 2014. We've given away all our glass cleaning cloths giveaway, and I've given out every business card I own. We are seeing more designers and architects interested in using glass creatively than ever before.  They know the general benefits of glass; the easy … [Read more...]

NeoCon East Trends and Treats

Koncept Lighting - Tono

Last week's trip to NeoCon East was a great one. There was a lot of interest in our Dreamwalls Color Glass Magnetic Markerboards,...which is immensely rewarding. But the designers and architects really responded favorably to our, "Any color you specify: Pantone, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, RAL … [Read more...]

A Baltimore Beauty

[As I get ready to travel up to Baltimore for Neocon East 2013, I wanted to re-post this story about Baltimore's "Flag House"  Museum. It's a beautiful piece of early printing on glass technology, and shows how far digital printing on glass has come in the U.S. in just a decade. Please … [Read more...]

NeoCon 2013 Color Trends: CMYK


Four color process printing is something every graphic designer knows well. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and the "Key" (or black) - make up the four colors, often referred to as CMYK printing. They are printing inks in their purest form, and their saturated brilliance are the basic building blocks of … [Read more...]

NeoCon Trends 2013: Part 3

Eyhov - Scale 1:1

Boards of all kinds were vying for attention at NeoCon 2013: Felt absorbers, dry erase partitions, glass markerboards, and high tech touch screens. These boards were anything but boring; they added color, function, and fun to all sort of environments for work and play. At NeoCon 2013, Arcadia … [Read more...]

NeoCon Trends 2013: Part 2 ~ Truly ♥ Felt

Ayse Birsel Collection for FilzFelt is designed to be loved

Ah, felt. Once the stuff of kitsch arts & crafts, it enjoyed a design rebirth at this year's NeoCon. Not that it needs any validation, but legend has it that the first felt was made on Noah's arc, where the animals' fur was mixed with water and stamped with their hooves into felt. Today, felt … [Read more...]

NeoCon Trends 2013: Part 1


NeoCon, the world's largest annual contract furniture show was last week in Chicago. It's always a great show for Dreamwalls Glass, and this year was no different. The energy on the show floor was very strong, and while we may have had slightly fewer people in the booth (or just more salesmen on our … [Read more...]

NeoCon Hospitality Future Trends

NeoCon 2013 featured a presentation yesterday by Steve South of Perkins+Will who presented “The Future of Technology and Social Media Within the Workplace”. While the presentation itself was extremely brief, the content was interesting and worth attending - if only for the futuristic jargon … [Read more...]

NeoCon Sneak Peek

Dreamwalls NeoCon Preview Montage

8-3130C If you remember nothing else about this post, remember that booth number and come see Dreamwalls at that location during NeoCon. Jay, Mark, John and I will be there to say "Hi", show you our latest decorative glass capabilities, and shoot the breeze in the Windy City. I've been packing … [Read more...]