Helping Heroes With Glass Markerboards

One Medical Center feat. Dreamwalls Color Glass Markerboards

Last year, we created 18 different Dreamwalls Color Glass Markerboards¬†for a hospital project in nearby Mooresville, NC. These boards were to be used at nursing stations on 3 different floors of a hospital. Previously, they had been hand-lining the regular magnetic melamine dry erase boards with … [Read more...]

9 Cool Uses of Glass Markerboards At Home

Melanie Morris Design - Media Room Glass Message Board

Dreamwalls Color Glass Markerboards are a wonderful addition to any organized home. Easy to clean, this dry erase "whiteboard" has additional features such as magnetic options, custom color, and any size capability, they can create a beautiful message center for the family that keeps everyone on … [Read more...]

A Backsplash That’s Part of The Family

Dreamwalls Backpainted Glass Backsplash Grocery List

In today's busy world, it takes everyone in the family helping to keep it on track and on schedule. We all have to pitch in, lend a hand, and pull our weight to keep things from getting frantic. You should expect the same thing from the hardworking surfaces in your home. Low maintenance surfaces … [Read more...]

Value in The Kitchen

Houston Kitchen

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is in full swing in Las Vegas this week. I have no doubt there are some amazing designs and innovations that are taking place there. Some may become paradigm shifts to the industry and I'm excited to see them. However, I am dedicating today's blog to some … [Read more...]

Stop and smell the coffee

example from my sketchbook

The first week of progress on my road to organization using the book Organize Now! by Jennifer Ford Berry, has been mixed. I really haven't been asked to physically clean or organize a thing yet. So that's good. She's focusing on my state-of-mind right now. Talking about setting priorities and … [Read more...]

Organize Now!

Organize This!

It's time for Spring Cleaning. And so I have an announcement to make: I am not a neat person. Groovy, perhaps. Funky, occasionally. But certainly not "neat". One might even argue that I'm a slob. 3 people specifically will come to mind with that opinion: my mother, my husband, and my college … [Read more...]