Colors of The Year: in Glass

All the big color and paint companies have named their colors of the year for 2016, and to be honest there were some surprises. White being a color of the year is a big shocker,...since it's really a non-color; the anti-color. But for us, it's definitely the most popular color of glass that we … [Read more...]

Color Your Walls 4 New Ways

The coolest thing about the various 2015 announced Colors of the Year, is that we start to explore these "new" colors on their own merit, viewing them in new applications and using them in unexpected ways. Dialogue about color explorations become part of our daily design conversations, and that's … [Read more...]

The Succulent Colors of 2015

The new colors of 2015 have been announced by the various paint companies and color specification books. Each one is beautiful in their own right, but I we always like to gather them together to see how they work with one another. After all, if home and fashion accessories are going to be focused … [Read more...]

Claim the Corner Office with Pink

We are continuing to look at some of our favorite Dreamwalls Color Glass pink-colored installations this week in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Monday, you saw the youthful energy of the Love Culture interior. Today, we're showing you the softer side of pink; blush. We … [Read more...]

Colors of 2014 In Glass

By now you've probably heard The Pantone Institute chose "Radiant Orchid" as their 2014 Color of the Year. It's an interesting choice; a mauve-pink-plum that is said to spark the imagination and innovation. In my opinion, it is a calmer turn away from the bright Emerald and Tangerine Tango of the … [Read more...]

Determining Blue

Prediction....Blue! Yesterday's post was full of the possibilities for THE Color of 2014. But I'm going to make my prediction. Personally, I think it's time for a nice, strong, blue. So that's my bet,...a dark marine or navy blue. Blue, blue, blue. It has been gaining strength at High Point Market … [Read more...]

The Color of 2014?

It's still early, I realize, but High Point Market is just a little over 6 weeks away so the trends for next year will be here before we know it. So what do YOU think the color of the year is going to be for 2014?   Pantone’s Emerald Green, Sherwin Williams’ Aloe, and Benjamin Moore’s Lemon … [Read more...]

How To Use It: Emerald

The colors chosen for 2013 by various expert communities have had a chance to grow on you for a few months now. This week we'll break down each on what we hear from customers, how the industry is responding, and offer suggestions for how to use these colors in interior environments. Emerald - … [Read more...]

Color Ways: Emerald City….Glass Style!

In celebration of Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year, Emerald, I thought we'd take a trip down the yellow glass road to Emerald City this week! I've rounded up some great glass finds that incorporate the lush green color into the home. From top right to left: Vintage Emerald Glass Table, Emerald … [Read more...]

Green & Blue: Fashion Inspires Home

The Pantone Spring 2013 Fashion Color Trend Report has been out a while now, but in light of the buzz that Navy blue and Emerald Green are gaining for the "it" color of 2013, I think it bears a fresh look. These various superstars of fashion have very different styles, but for them to come together … [Read more...]