Combing High Point for Trends


The irregular tesselation shapes of last Spring's market have become more orderly. 6x more orderly, in fact, because High Point Market was literally buzzing with hexagons. The new warm-weather optimism saw these bee honeycomb shapes everywhere. The modernity of geometry, the rebirth of Spring; it … [Read more...]

Terrific Tessellations

Dreamwalls High Point Trends Spring 2012: Terrific Tessellations

A tesselation, or tile pattern, can be regular and repeatable geometric patterns, like the pentagon light fixture from Arteriors, or the table top sculptures from Made Goods. Tesselations can also be irregular, which reminds me of fractured glass; unusual and unique shapes butting up to each … [Read more...]

Crazy for Daisy

Dreamwalls High Point Trends Spring 2012: Crazy for Daisy

The new trend at High Point Market of daisy shapes is the natural order of things. It's as if the quatrefoil and clover shapes of seasons past had a baby. It's playful and a little softer; like a bouquet of sunshine in a corner of the room. Give in, and pick this trend for your interior design … [Read more...]

HP Market Fall 2011: Squares, Loops & Cathedral Windows

Trends from High Point Fall 2011 - Shapes

The trend spotting from High Point Fall 2010 continues this week. For earlier topics, go HERE (Modern Menagerie), HERE (Wing Chairs, Menswear, & Pagodas), HERE (Customized Brights), or HERE (Red and a Touch of Dread). But today I show some general motifs I saw while breezing down the … [Read more...]