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Serif v Sans Serif Typefaces

Signage is a science all its own. There are volumes of research on the subject. And it's little wonder why: signage is everywhere. In our daily life there are roadsigns, exit signs, information, and identification everywhere you look. So when you're designing your next Dreamwalls Glass Sign, in … [Read more...]

Glass Sign Considerations

Ruby Red Signage - Dreamwalls Backpainted Glass

Signage is more than a pretty picture,'s part of the larger marketing picture of a business. Choosing the right type of sign for your project is of the utmost importance for any organization. Choose glass for that type of sign when you want the highest quality with the most distinctive … [Read more...]

All Signs Point to Glass

Dreamwalls© DigitalPrintedGlassSignage

Signage is all around us. It is used to help us find our way, to identify and inform. Increasingly, signage is an integral part of interior designs, it is required to be clear, convey information, and still be beautiful. It is important to determine the use of the sign before selecting the … [Read more...]

Make-A-Message Board Your Way

Dreamwalls Color Glass Message Boards are the perfect product to create something special in your office, hospital, school or athletic facility. For more information about Dreamwalls Color Glass Message Boards and our other decorative glass options, please call 800-334-7267 or … [Read more...]

Glass Signage in Healthcare Design

Dreamwalls Color Glass_Ruby Red Fitness Sign

Healthcare design. It's a strange concept when you think about it. Design isn't going to magically heal anyone through its beauty. However, if you've ever had to spend extended periods of time in a hospital as a patient, or as a family member of a patient, you realize when a healthcare environment … [Read more...]

pbc+l RDU sign

pbc+l architecture RDU sign

Signage at airports can be pretty dull. But pearce, brinkley, cease + lee architecture in Raleigh created something special for Raleigh Durham International Airport to welcome visitors and set the tone for the area as one of leading areas for technological advancements in the country. The first … [Read more...]