The Hot List of High Point

High Point Main Building 2013 Spring

Last spring, after my visit to High Point Market , I made a "Hot or Not" list. It was fun to do and is definitely intended to be a bit tongue-in-cheek. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed that monkeys have yet to unseat bulldogs as the "hot" animal; plaid was barely visible even though it's … [Read more...]

Hit the High Points

HPMkt Hashtag Logo

It's that time of year again - High Point Market time in the fall. Growing up, it was always dubbed simply, "Furniture Market," but now it is so much more. You find outdoor furniture, accessories of all kinds, florals, textiles, even jewelry! It just goes to show how trends bleed across categories … [Read more...]

The Future Of Glass and Tech

Corning: A Day Made Of Glass video series

Last week I was in Toronto for the Glass Association of North America (GANA) Fall Conference. GANA is the glass industry association that creates informational bulletins and white papers for architects, professional glaziers, and end users of glass products of all kinds: tempered glass, insulated … [Read more...]

Touch of Toronto

Sharpe Center for Design - Toronto

I've been to Toronto many times, and every time there's something new to enjoy. I love its eclectic Chinatown and the university area, the amazing waterfront pathways and parks, and the architecture that expresses its personality of openness and ideas. Last week I was in Toronto for the Glass … [Read more...]

4 NeoCon Trends of 2014

Patricia Urquiola with "Open Nest" for Haworth at NeoCon 2014

We are packing up the Dreamwalls booth this morning and coming home to NC after a wonderful NeoCon Show. This is our 5th year exhibiting, and I think it might have been the most well-attended show thus far. We spoke with so many designers that understood what glass could do generally, and were … [Read more...]

Trend: Make Mine Matte

Dreamwalls Glass Trend spotted at High Point Market Spring 2014: Make Mine Matte

Glass has been so strong at market for several seasons, but this season it was all about a matte finish. Outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, lighting and accent pieces all were glowing with the suede finish of etched glass. Smart for it's durable finish, but also for the way light and color plays … [Read more...]

Trend: Rock On


Malachite, amethyst, selenite, quartz, jadeite, and geodes of all shapes and sizes were the "it" accent of Spring 2014 High Point Market. The natural elements were not polished or were only partially, for a real textural element. The bright colors of green. purple, blues, and pinks were offset by … [Read more...]

Trend: Go With The Flow

Dreamwalls Trends Spotted at High Point Market Spring 2014: Go With The Flow

One of the favorite trends that we at Dreamwalls Glass spotted at this year's High Point Market was a softer, painterly approach to pattern. It was a looser, almost drippy approach to marbleization that was more casual than bookbinder papers. It also was present in watercolor patterns that shied … [Read more...]

Hot or Not from High Point

Dreamwalls Trends: What's Hot-or-Not from High Point Market Spring 2014

My favorite thing to do at High Point Market is sift through the sheer volume of beauty and design to see over-arcing trends. From there I like to see what was a trend the past few seasons and is no longer, as well as the hint of what may be the next trend to come. (I really hope I'm right about the … [Read more...]

Get Straight To The Point

Dreamwalls Glass Trend Spotting - Arrows - Get To The Point

Let me get straight to the point. I've been seeing arrows everywhere I look for the past several months. I firmly believe this is more than just cupid's weapon of choice, despite Valentine's Day fast approaching. I'm seeing two types of arrow motifs in home fashions: either a traditional, … [Read more...]