VIDEO: Brilliant Backsplashes

Have you got a minute? That's all it'll take to view this short video about Dreamwalls backsplashes. Dreamwalls Color Glass is Gardner Glass Products' backpainted glass which provides custom-color, opacity, and an easy-to-clean surface that is beautiful for backsplash applications in corporate … [Read more...]

All About Backsplashes

Dreamwalls Color Glass is the perfect solution for backsplashes. Our back-painted glass is fully opaque, and time-tested for durability. It is also moisture proof, non-porous, and extremely hygienic. For the beauty of pure, saturated color on glass,...IN ANY COLOR,'s the ideal choice. Please … [Read more...]

The Many Layers of A Mirror

Mirrors are part of your everyday life. We brush our teeth, shave, apply makeup, fix hair,…every day we use them as a part of our daily routine. Often, they are taken for granted instead of the marvel of modern manufacturing that they are. (Okay, so I’m a little biased since we make mirrors, but … [Read more...]

NeoCon Hospitality Future Trends

NeoCon 2013 featured a presentation yesterday by Steve South of Perkins+Will who presented “The Future of Technology and Social Media Within the Workplace”. While the presentation itself was extremely brief, the content was interesting and worth attending - if only for the futuristic jargon … [Read more...]


This week, we've been talking about Fire-Rated Safety Glass (see our related Monday and Wednesday posts), a necessary key to a passive fire protection system of building interiors. But art can gain inspiration from such necessary aspects of interior design as well. Firewall is an interactive media … [Read more...]

[Video] Easy Clean in Real Time

"Oh, sure, Mandy,....this glass is SO easy to clean. You tell us that all the time." Okay, well I'll SHOW you. I took two samples of our Dreamwalls Color Glass. One in original glossy glass and one in our matte acid-etched finish. I marked them with a dry erase markers, a fat Sparco® permanent … [Read more...]

Beauty of the Banal in “Le Miroir”

This short film from Ramon & Pedro was featured on the blog site No Film School, which is full of hints and tips for the amateur auteur. Any film called "The Mirror" is going to gain my attention, of course, and this one is done exceedingly well with the point of view and "reflection" matching … [Read more...]

Dreamwalls Featured at NeoCon 2012

Recently at NeoCon 2012, The Glass Association of North America (GANA) was there investigating glass suppliers and decorative glass. I was honored to be interviewed by their Marketing guru, Brian Pitman, in this, the second episode podcast. It is completely unscripted and unrehearsed, as you'll … [Read more...]

Welcome To the World…

See below for a one-minute video summing up our company history and what our core vision is. When you realize we've been in business 50 years, synthesizing the history to a few seconds is a challenge. Basically, what I'm trying to say, is that we're a good company that puts beautiful, and … [Read more...]

Dreamwalls Color Glass: New Possibilities

Dreamwalls Color Glass: New Possibilities is a new 5-minute video that showcases some of the installations and possibilities for using backpainted glass in interior applications. If features some of our latest projects and inspiration for using Dreamwalls Color Glass as white boards, tile, … [Read more...]