A Festive Custom Glass Tile Backsplash


At Dreamwalls, we see some unique projects that come through our plant from time to time. Late last year, just before Christmas, a special project came through like Santa delivering happiness. It was a custom backpainted glass tile backsplash, with 5 different colors, matching outlet covers, and a … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Customize Your Message Board

Dreamwalls Glass Installation in Key Bank OH

Glass message boards are growing in popularity as more and more designers become familiar with them. Glass is non-ghosting, provides good contrast, is easy to clean of all types of markers (including permanent), and adds a higher end look for corporate environments. In this week's earlier post, we … [Read more...]

Ornamentation In Dreamwalls

Dreamwalls Color Glass Ornaments

Our local visitor's center (which is a LEED gold certified building) wanted to feature a tree covered with ornaments inspired by the local economy. We created our contribution using Dreamwalls Backpainted Glass in unique shapes cut to perfection with our waterjet cutter. The Northwest NC … [Read more...]

Happy Easter to All

Rachel Elliott: Glass Artist

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Hospitality Served 3 Ways

Gardner Glass Hospitality Lobby

This is a hotel lobby with Dreamwalls Color Glass in lots of different surfaces, for various functions and effects. #1 - wall application. Glass is a great color to use here because of the light it reflects and the brilliance of the color. In this design, it is used in lime, cool gray, and … [Read more...]

“V” is for Victory

Monogrammed Inlay Dreamwalls Color Glass Project

In a previous blog post HERE, I mentioned that when the project was installed, I would share it with you. I am a woman of my word.  I really wasn't sure where this inlay piece was going to be installed....was it a study? A foyer? Turns out it's a stove backsplash. A focal point to the room, to be … [Read more...]

Glass Feather In Our Cap

Antique Mirror Inlay into Black Dreamwalls Color Glass

As I mentioned in Monday's post, I worked on a sample of our water jet capabilities to show to a customer at High Point Market. Below is the end result. We chose black Dreamwalls Color Glass, Antique Mirror, and nailheads. We make all of these components 100% in America, right here in North … [Read more...]

Glass Design with a Feather-Light Touch

File with notations

I've been working on a Dreamwalls Color Glass design to be incorporated for a furniture piece. The manufacturer wasn't sure what they wanted yet, so I wanted to give them a sample that showed our ability to incorporate decorative glass and mirror into furniture. The water jet cutter was the right … [Read more...]

Cut It Out – With Our Waterjet

Classic Monogram inlaid using glass

We've been working on this wall install project for a few weeks, and I was hoping it'd be installed before now,...but you know how that goes with scheduling. So I'm going ahead with the post and promise to share with you the final installation after it's complete. This delicate inlay of glass to … [Read more...]