Helping Heroes With Glass Markerboards

One Medical Center feat. Dreamwalls Color Glass Markerboards

Last year, we created 18 different Dreamwalls Color Glass Markerboards for a hospital project in nearby Mooresville, NC. These boards were to be used at nursing stations on 3 different floors of a hospital. Previously, they had been hand-lining the regular magnetic melamine dry erase boards with … [Read more...]

9 Cool Uses of Glass Markerboards At Home

Melanie Morris Design - Media Room Glass Message Board

Dreamwalls Color Glass Markerboards are a wonderful addition to any organized home. Easy to clean, this dry erase "whiteboard" has additional features such as magnetic options, custom color, and any size capability, they can create a beautiful message center for the family that keeps everyone on … [Read more...]

Dreamwalls Glass Marker Boards

Dreamwalls Glass Marker Boards can be any size or any color, for a high-quality look and practical function in corporate or office environments. Non-staining and non-ghosting, they are also easy to clean and maintain. But don't take my word for it; see for yourself: … [Read more...]

Dreamwalls Whiteboard is the Right Board

Dreamwalls Color Glass: New York Office Installation

Dreamwalls Color Glass makes the perfect dry erase board for corporate interiors. Here are 5 reasons every office in the country should have a wall of Dreamwalls Color glass to use as a dry erase marker board: Won't Stain or Ghost Regardless of the color or how long the marks stay, they can … [Read more...]

Dreamwalls Color Glass: New Possibilities

Dreamwalls Color Glass: New Possibilities is a new 5-minute video that showcases some of the installations and possibilities for using backpainted glass in interior applications. If features some of our latest projects and inspiration for using Dreamwalls Color Glass as white boards, tile, … [Read more...]

LEED® Project Recognized by I&S

Key Bank Interior using Dreamwalls Color Glass white board

Interiors & Sources recently listed their Top 10 LEED Projects of 2011. We were thrilled to see the KeyBank project in Ohio won 3rd overall. This is an amazing honor for a project that had historical considerations in addition to earning a USGBC LEED® Gold rating. Dreamwalls Color Glass is proud … [Read more...]

It’s Okay To Mark On The Walls

Office Conference Area Dreamwalls Color Glass Dry Erase Board

When I was 5, I took my crayons to the wall of my bedroom. It was beautiful. My artwork was bigger than I ever thought possible and I was so proud. My mother, Saint that she was, didn't lose her cool. She told me it was very pretty,....and that I'd have to clean it all off before bedtime. Which I … [Read more...]

KeyBank Uses Dreamwalls As White Boards

Dreamwalls Color Glass Dry Erase Board: KeyBank (Cleveland, OH)

One of the reason we worked so hard to make our True White Dreamwalls Color Glass so white, was for the practical use as a dry erase board. This installation in Cleveland Ohio utilizes that very benefit to the fullest extent. Since we can create Dreamwalls Color Glass in sizes up to 96 x 144in., … [Read more...]

More Than Just Color

Love Culture Retail Installment of Dreamwalls Glass

Whether you want to entice your customers with the radiance of red and pink.....or inspire confidence of black and white. The color you choose represents the personality for any business. Dreamwalls Color Glass does so much more than just color a wall. The Starphire® Ultra Clear Glass we use … [Read more...]